What are some of the top paying jobs in Orlando, Florida? There are many jobs in Orlando that pay well in a wide variety of fields. Naturally, as home to Walt Disney World, Universal Orlando Resort, Sea World Orlando, and other tourist spots, many are in tourism. Other jobs in the city that pay well include positions in manufacturing, technology, agri-technology, defense, software, digital media, aviation, aerospace, and modeling.

Some of the largest employers in Orlando include Walt Disney World, the state of Florida, the Florida hospital, Universal Orlando, Sea World Orlando, the Federal Government, Bank of America, and Orange County Schools. Other companies that provide both top paying and full time jobs in Orlando are in the fields of manufacturing and engineering such as Lockheed-Martin, General Dynamics, AT&T, GE, Harris, and HP. There are many good paying jobs in downtown Orlando.

A tourism marketing director can make $39,000 each year, although salaries vary greatly by company. A travel tourism writer makes $36,000 annually. The average salary for a cruise director is $60,000.

Traditionally salaries at Lockheed-Martin average $65,000 for software engineers, $93,000 for senior system engineers, $93,000 for senior software engineers, almost $55,000 for financial analysts, and $73,500 for aerospace engineers.

Other Orlando jobs include manufacturing engineers, who average $48,000, industrial engineers, who average 50,000, and lean manufacturing engineers, who average $48,000.

Other jobs in Orlando include technology recruiters, who average $68,000, radiologic technologists, who make $46,080, web designers, who average $53,000, and computer support specialists, who make $41,470.
The average salary for a promotional model in Orlando is $46,000.

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