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The constant struggle of work-life balance provides a paradox when deciding where to plant your roots. When searching for a new career in an unfamiliar city it's important to determine if the location is conducive to what you're looking for. Factors to consider include the cost of living, job growth potential, and median income. 

Orlando, Florida with it's close proximity to multiple theme parks and attractions, vibrant nightlife, and a thriving real estate market has a lengthy list of positive attributes. When trying to decide on your next move one question takes precedent. Is Orlando the right place for your career?

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The city of Orlando has dominated many of the Forbes lists for job growth over the past few years. Due in part to its expeditious expansion focusing on jobs involving new technology.  In fact, it has been suggested by many tech publications such as that the city will soon become the next silicon valley dominating in technological career opportunities right here in the sunshine state. This year alone Orlando has ranked #2 in the country for future job growth ( #7 in the U.S. for Economic Job Growth, #2 in the U.S. for Construction Job Growth) estimating a 3.2% increase in a median average household income of $53k. The city of Orlando also ranked #4 in the U.S. for fastest growing cities based on population growth, technology, real estate investment opportunities and employment. These are just a few confirmed key points when trying to decide whether or not Orlando is right for your career.

In recent years Orlando has ranked second in the U.S to start a new career out of 150 of the nations largest cities.  A few factors in the study focused on the cities large number of entry-level positions including Administrative, Sales Jobs in Orlando, Customer Service, Marketing and Communications, and we can't forget the plethora of Theme Park jobs in Orlando. 

If you're thinking about a career change, a transfer or actively searching for new jobs in Orlando, there is no denying that the city beautiful is fruitful with opportunity in many career fields. can help you narrow the search and quickly find your next fulfilling career with their every growing list of Orlando jobs.  Whether you're making a change or just looking to climb the corporate ladder, Orlando has a plethora of job opportunities offering long-lasting employment and potential for career growth. 

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