Downtown Orlando is the gateway to a vibrant economy. Florida features exciting recreational opportunities that attract residents and visitors alike. In fact, the tourism industry is the largest regional employer and offers some of the best places to work in Orlando. Many top industries contribute to making Orlando a desirable place to live. The education and healthcare fields are primary sources for many jobs in Orlando. Professionals from all backgrounds can find many opportunities with local businesses. HereĀ are a look at some of the largest employers in Orlando.

Walt Disney World
With nearly 56,000 employees, Walt Disney World is the largest employer in Orlando. It has also earned its reputation as one of the best places to work in Orlando. Walt Disney World draws visitors from around the world and is the largest tourist attraction in the area. Employees come from a variety of occupational backgrounds, ranging from accounting to food services, but they all contribute to providing a memorable experience for theme park guests.

Orange County Public Schools
The Orange County Public Schools District employs over 19,000 teachers, administrators and classified staff members. Orange County Public Schools is the 11th largest school district in the state of Florida and serves nearly 175,000 students. In total, the district operates 178 schools. The needs of such a large student body ensure that many education jobs will be available in Orlando.

Florida Hospital
Florida Hospital keeps around 18,700 health care workers on its payroll. The hospital relies on medical specialists and support staff in order to operate. It has over 900 beds and provides inpatient and emergency care to over 80,000 patients per year. The main campus is not far from downtown Orlando, allowing a short commute for employees.

The wide range of jobs in Orlando is reflective of the diverse local economy. Education, health care and tourism are all in high demand throughout the state. The largest employers in Orlando ensure that a variety of rewarding job opportunities will be available for job seekers.