There's probably plenty of to do's on your spring cleaning checklist, but your list might be missing something very important. Most of us don't think about the state of our air ducts, but it's a consideration that can significantly affect your quality of life. 

If you're like most people, you spend many hours a day at home breathing the air circulating through your air ducts, and it's important to keep those ducts clean. Air duct cleaning removes the build-up of dust, pet dander, pollutants, bacteria, pollen, and mildew in your ducts. Build up of these household contaminants can lower the efficiency of your air conditioner. This could result in a higher power bill or shorter lifespan for your air conditioning unit.  

Where To Find Local Heating And Air Duct Repair

Not only can they affect your pocketbook, but dirty ducts can also affect your health. From triggering your allergies to contributing to the development of respiratory conditions, ducts with lots of contaminants can impact you. If you have issues with your sinuses or bronchial congestion it's recommended to live in a home with clean ducts. 

Speaking of clean, clean ducts can result in a cleaner home! Dust from dirty ducts can settle on the surfaces of your home making you have to clean more often. Build up from ducts can even trap odors and leave your house smelling less clean than it could smell. 

We think if you're interested in a cleaner, healthier home you should consider getting your ducts cleaned this spring. An easy, cost-effective way to handle this task is to download the HOMEE app and place a service call with one of their certified air conditioning professionals. 

All you have to do to place a service call with HOMEE is to snap a few photos and add some notes. Then a licensed professional will be en route to you in as little as half an hour! Rates are competitive and based on data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.  

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