It's officially time for all those "New Year New Me" promises you made before the ball dropped to come to fruition. Whether your goals for New Years Eve in Orlando and the start of another 365 day trip around the sun were to be more healthy, watch your spending or focus on your career, we want to help motivate you.  You don't want your first goal of 2018 to be a bomber so here are a few New Years Resolutions you can actually keep.  

Get Your Rear In Gear

If your goal this year....and well every year is to get your butt into shape, but the idea of working on your fitness immediately triggers your desire to stress eat.  Fear not, there's a fix for your fitness folly. First, throw that extreme diet regimen out the window. If you want to be successful, skip the diets and go with a healthy lifestyle change.  Cut out the processed sugars, bread, and dairy and replace them with fruits, lean meats, and vegetables.  Restricting what you're allowed to put in your body will help you feel healthier, in control and empowered.  
When it comes to the gym, your fitness goals are just that, Yours.  Do not compare yourself or your fitness goals to anyone else's. You have to crawl before you can walk and walk before you can run.  If you can only do 30min of fast walking on a treadmill or around the neighborhood then focus on pushing yourself a little further each day and each week.  You can even join a local running club to keep you motivated. Giving yourself small attainable fitness goals will keep you motivated and focused. It takes 30days to make a personal change a habit.  You can do it.  

Meet New People

If meeting new people sounds like a nightmare brought to life, that's even more of a reason to get out and make some new friends this year.  Face your fear and come face to face with a few new people.  In our social media society, it's become a rarity for people to look up from their phone and say hi. We're more comfortable sending emoji's than we are having a face to face conversation.  This year, disconnect from your phone and socialize like a normal person.  


Where can you meet these "NEW" people you ask? That depends on what your interests are.  Enjoy the outdoors? Spend some time in some of the Best Parks in Orlando.  Some of them are pet-friendly so bring your pooch. I'm sure your four-legged wingman would love the fresh air and socialization just as much as you will. If getting turnt on a Tuesday is more your thing, a nightclub may not be the easiest place to make new acquaintances but, to each their own. If art and culture are more your thing, take a trip to the  Orlando Museum Of Art or catch a show at the  Dr. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts.  Don't forget to put the phone down, look around and say, "Hi".  You already have one thing in common.

Be More Confident!

Easier said than done, I know but honestly Resolutions 2 and 3 kind of go hand in hand. It's kind of difficult to meet new people if you don't have the confidence to chat up a stranger. Being an introvert can have its perks, but when it comes to interacting in social situations if you can't convey a sense of confidence, strangers will consider you to be a straight-up downer. Some may ride the line between confident and cocky but to be truly confident is loving yourself without taking away from anyone else.


You have to change the way you relate to yourself.  Recognize your strengths and appreciate your weaknesses. If you don't love yourself first, loving others is going to be a constant struggle. It will take some practice but eventually you'll be able to walk into a room and command attention without saying a word. Smiling and saying Hello does help. Start with that.

Pinch Your Pennies

After the aggressive beating, your piggy bank probably took during the holidays the concept of stashing anything away may seem laughable but it is doable. Start with creating a budget including all of your expenses, including your play money.  This is where you have to get real with yourself about how much you actually spend on booze, clothes and dining out every week.  Once you know how much money you have going out you can adjust your spending to pay yourself first.  Even if you start with $50 a paycheck, that's $100 a month you can save for emergencies or that trip abroad you're always too poor to take.


If you're like me and can't seem to forget about the cash you have sitting in your backup account, there are ways to prevent yourself from dipping into your savings.  Open an online-only account and don't activate the debit card. If you have Direct Deposit, have $50 a paycheck automatically transfer to the account. Out of sight out of mind.  Consider this when you're dying to dip into your slowly growing savings account.  Is it a WANT or is it a NEED? A want can wait.  Set a goal for yourself to save $500 by a certain date.  You'll be surprised how quickly that $500 then turns to $1,000 and so on.  

Go Out And See The World

It has been proven that Traveling and experiencing new places and cultures are actually beneficial to your health.  People who spend their cash on experiences rather than material things are overall happier and more fulfilled. Remember that extra cash we just talked about? We suggest socking some away in a travel account.  
If you're interested in going abroad you can quench your thirst for wanderlust without breaking the bank by traveling during the off-season.Each destination has a different off-season so make sure to do your research regarding weather.  For instance, Thailand's off-season is July-August but if you head that way too late you may be all wet due to the rainy season.   


For those of us who can't handle overnight flights or think traveling out of the country is too much of a pipe dream at the moment, consider hitting the road and stepping outside your home state for a little tour of the U.S. Now that the holidays are over, airfare prices are more reasonable.  You can find deals for $99 round trip.  Riding the rails is another way to see this beautiful country of ours.  In fact, taking the train is so in right now, that is if you can stand to sit for hours on end.  

Spend Quality Time With Quality People

As you get along in years you start to realize it's not the quantity of friends you have but the quality.  Maintaining positive relationships with those who inspire you to be the best possible version of yourself will benefit your personal growth and ensure a prosperous new year.  As you grow and change your relationships with those around you will as well.  Sometimes old relationships breakaway to make room for new ones.  At the end of the day who you spend your time with is often who you become so choose wisely.

Put The Phone Away!

Obviously, we don't mean put it away for good.  We're not masochists but our reliance on electronic devices has prevented us from obtaining and sustaining personal relationships. Simon Sinek made some great points in a recent video regarding the attachment most of us have to our phones.  Chances are you've checked your social media at least three times while perusing this post. Most of us can't even get through a meal with a friend without posting our dish on Instagram.  Be present in the moment and put your phone away. Trust me, besides a few food pics, gym check-ins and personal rants you won't miss much in the span of an hour.

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