There is a ton of tech out there that works to make the world a better place, but did you know there's an app that can make your home a better place? HOMEE is a property maintenance application now available in the Orlando area. 

If it's time for you to tackle those pesky spring checklist that you've been procrastinating then just download the HOMEE app, snap a few photos, add a few notes, and a vetted professional will be on their way in as little as 30 minutes. You can even track the arrival of your pro in real-time! 

What kind of projects can HOMEE tackle for you? Here are seven home services that you should consider this spring:

1. Have HOMEE tackle that slow drain that draino just can't fix! HOMEE specialists include certified plumbers.

2. Got a pesky faucet that drips or a toilet that runs? Save money when your HOMEE plumber fixes the leak for you! 

3. Get your air conditioner serviced by an HVAC professional. Don't wait until it breaks, preventative maintenance is a must with something as important as your A/C. 

4. Have a certified electrician add dimmers to your light switches. Not only will you be able to create a mood, but it can help you save on your power bill too!  

5. Want your driveway or sidewalk to sparkle this spring? Have a HOMEE professional powerwash for you.

6. After your big spring clean if you're ready to remove some heavy junk from your property just get a HOMEE handyman and haul your unwanted stuff all the way to the dump!

7. Got walls or floors that are so last decade? Refresh the look of your home this spring with a fresh coat of paint or new tile floors. HOMEE specialists will update the outdated for you. 

HOMEE gets your home projects done fast, and it gets them done right. Each HOMEE service provider is an experienced professional that has been carefully screened. HOMEE pros have all licenses for their trade required by the city, county, and state they work in. They have also passed a criminal record background check and SSN verification. The best part is that every job serviced by a HOMEE provider is insured and covered by a $1,000 service quality guarantee. 

HOMEE service providers are rated in-app and if you have a preferred HOMEE professional you can add them to your favorites. They will have the first crack at your next job request. 

You might be wondering at this point how much a HOMEE call will cost you. According to HOMEE "rates for our pros are determined using data collected from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. We negotiate competitive rates with our pros based on their volume of HOMEE business, years of trade experience and the zip code in which the service is provided."

Best way to find out how much your spring project will cost you? Download the HOMEE app today and explore your options!