SAI Academy, Orlando's Premier Soccer Academy, uses modern learning tools and athletic development through soccer to bring students a blended education. Their teaching method combines virtual learning and in-person instruction, preparing them for college and their professional careers. As the new academic year starts, they'll be offering rolling admissions. With its focus on soccer, academics, and influence, SAI Academy is a great educational option for student-athletes.

SAI Academy prides itself on training student-athletes in using soccer as an avenue to make students powerful, contributing members of society. Soccer is used to develop student-athletes in areas of tactics, technique, athleticism, and mental coaching.

Blended Learning 

Through blended learning, the academy brings together a traditional classroom setting with a virtual curriculum. Dedicated to the success of each individual student, SAI Academy has a flexible curriculum allowing students to learn at their own pace. With a student to faculty ratio of 15:1, learning is as efficient as possible as students have that close, personal support.

Finally, with influence as one of the institutions' biggest goals, comes ownership, teamwork, and community. SAI helps build these skills through its student government, where students can learn how to be active leaders in their community. Similarly, the academy has a strong internship program for high school students. If interested in pursuing experience working in the academy itself, students can intern at SAI.

Enroll Now

With a rolling admissions policy, SAI Academy is still currently enrolling for the 2020-2021 school year. Potential candidates can schedule a try out with the soccer-based academy now. To apply for its academic program, students must first register with an online application, which is then followed by an interview for eligible candidates, and final submission, where students and their families will send in all necessary documents to become a student at SAI. To support families in need, the academy offers financial aid which can be obtained through a financial aid application. 

Full-Time, Part-Time & Soccer Only Options Available 

SAI Academy knows that students have different needs, so the institution offers several enrollment options. Students can attend the academy full time for the 10-month academic year, part-time, where they will be at school one, two, or three times a week, or they may use the academy just for soccer. Partnering with Orlando City Youth Soccer, SAI hopes to have a stronger soccer program than ever before, giving student-athletes a truly blended educational experience.

The SAI Academy campus is located at 1900 Seminole Soccer Loop in Sanford, Florida. For more information on SAI admissions visit their website or call 407.624.4208.