Hit the Orlando nightlife scene a little too hard last night? If the previous evening is a blur of bad choices and bottomless drinks and you woke up feeling like someone put your head in a vice than chances are you had one hell of a wild night last night.  Unfortunately, every good thing must come to an end and every choice has a consequence.

We're sure by now the words, "I'm NEVER drinking again" have already past your lips.  So, before you start making promises to yourself that we both know you won't keep, in preparation for post St. Patrick's Day in Orlando, Cinco De Mayo, New Years Eve and National Hangover Day, we've found 10 ways to tell that hangover to kick rocks.

Fill Up On Food Before You Booze 

Drinking on an empty stomach is a rookie mistake.  Everyone who's ever taken a sip of the devil's nectar knows that you need to pregame with some grub beforehand, and the greasier the better. You need something to absorb the excess alcohol and save you from the horror that is the blackout. This city is packed with pregame worthy restaurants in Orlando giving you the upper hand over the hangover. You can find the burger pictured above at Graffiti Junktion Thornton Park.

Drink Some High-Quality H2O Before You Go

Avoid the dreaded hangover and subsequent dry mouth by guzzling some water before you go out drinking.  Drinking Alcohol stops the chemical vasopressin from producing sending all the water you ingest while hitting the sauce straight to the bladder.  Otherwise known as breaking the seal this causes dehydration which then leads to the pounding head and crippling pains of a full-blown hangover.  Try downing a glass of water in between each alcoholic beverage. 

Lighten The Mood With Lighter Brews 

The darker the drink the harder the hangover. You can thank an excess of congeners when the booze is fermented for your horrid state after a night of too much whiskey, red wine or dark rum.  If you want to ease the tenacity of your state of agony the following morning stick to lighter alcohol such as white wine, champagne, gin and my personal favorite, VODKA! 

Mixed Feelings About Mixed Drinks 

If you're a seasoned drinker then you're already aware that the "Beer before liquor, Never been sicker" concept is a bit of a myth but there is some truth to the correlation between mixing multiple kinds of booze in one night and the severity of your hangover. Those congeners will get you ever time so keep it simple and stick to one type of alcohol and if you're going to hit the bubbly just know that carbonated drinks (mixers or alcohol) cause you to get drunk faster.  

Sleep It Off 

Most of us need at least 8 full hours of uninterrupted sleep to even make it through a regular workday. If you raged a little too hard the night before and the whiskey is emanating from your pores odds are you didn't get a solid nights sleep.  To help ease the throbbing pain and flu-like symptoms that often follow a full night of binge drinking, the best thing you can do for yourself and everyone else would be to sleep it off.  

Relieve The Pain With Some Pain Relievers

Unless you have access to an IV, the best way to cure your fun punishing headache is by taking a few pain relievers.  Tylenol, Ibuprofen, Advil, whatever your preference pop a few before you go to bed with a tall glass of water and repeat the following morning for best results. 

Steer Clear Of Caffeine

While it may be the elixir of life on most days, coffee, and other highly caffeinated beverages are like kryptonite to the body once booze has taken over. Coffee is a diuretic so while many feel like it's the cure-all for hitting the sauce too hard it will actually dehydrate your body which is bad news if you're looking for some sweet relief from your horrid hangover. 

Starve A Cold Feed A Hangover 

The idea of ingesting anything when you're hungover is a fast way to pull the trigger on your gag reflex but trust me, it will cure what ales you. Eating greasy foods to cure a hangover is a myth.  If you really want to ease the pain try eating a piece of burnt toast.  Similar to when they pump your stomach in the ER, the carbon from the burnt toast will alleviate the desire to spew. Scramble up some eggs and reverse some of the damage you caused when you accosted your liver and eat a banana to replenish your potassium

Drink More Liquids 

Notice we said more liquids and not liquor. While water is great and will help with the dehydration, fruit juice will help clear out the toxins and replace the minerals your body lost during your bender.  Children's Pedialyte is a solid choice because it not only helps with your dehydration but it also contains the minerals and vitamins your body is begging you for in fun fruit flavors. Dairy may not be at the forefront of your mind when trying to combat the curse that is the hangover but drinking a glass of milk will replace the calcium you lost.  

Sweat It Out 

Exercise seems like a cruel joke at this point but sweating out the toxins from the night before really does help with your hangover symptoms.  You may have to stop and puke in a bush once or twice but a little light physical activity raises endorphins to eventually help you forget that you feel like death warmed over. 

MiraCoal: The Ultimate Hangover Cure 

If these 10 tips didn't do the trick, maybe MiraCoal is the miracle you've been looking for.  When taken with water the charcoal infusion blocks the toxins in alcohol from entering your body allowing you to detox while you sleep so you can wake up refreshed putting that hangover to bed. 

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