Thinking about buying a home in Orlando? Realtor and Owner of Fitzgerald Home Team, Jonathan Fitzgerald delves into what you can expect to see in the Orlando Real Estate market this season. 

As we approach the mid part of the summer break, families and investors are active in finding homes in Orlando they can call their own.  The median price point across Orlando is ranging around $230K with many sells well above that price range depending on location and amenities.  Investors are still able to find condos or small housing in the $150K to $250K range while large units will range from $250K and up.  Single Family housing to meet a family of four or more is typically starting around $300K and going up from there.  Condos are still available and financing has loosened the reigns to allow purchasers to put as little as 5% down, which is a far cry from the 25% to 30% that we saw in prior years. 

What Your Buck Will Buy You In The Orlando Real Estate Market

So what can you get in Downtown Orlando Real Estate for around $250K? Typically a one bedroom, one bath condo with pool, weight room, parking and some buildings offering additional amenities.  For around $300K you can start to find a two bedroom, two bath condo with similar amenities.  In order to find a single family home in Downtown Orlando, you will need to consider a price point at $350K and higher to enjoy a yard and live in a community. This price drops as you move out of downtown and into the Colonialtown and Edgewood areas.

The good news is across the Orlando Real Estate Market there are still deals to be swooped up, but you must be ready to act fast as multiple offers are not uncommon.  If you are willing to move outside of the Downtown Core you can find more bang for your buck but you will be sacrificing commute time, festivals, farmers market, and other activities.  That being said, there are still plenty of great homes available but the best ones go fast!!

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