Finding the best place to study in college can be extremely valuable. A comfortable location that has the things you need can have a direct impact on how well you do on the upcoming test or exam. 

There are plenty of spots around the University of Central Florida that have been found as particularly effective study locations. Here is our list of the best Orlando study spots, both on and off campus, that offer free Wi-Fi and other amenities. 

On-Campus Study Spots for UCF Students

John C. Hitt Library 

The John C. Hitt Library is in the midst of a multiyear renovation to add space to one of the busiest places on campus. While it can sometimes be hectic during peak hours, some of the higher floors are quite peaceful. 

If you plan ahead, you can reserve a study room from the library in advance via their website. There are over 150 computer stations throughout the facility as well.  

Reflection Pond 

Just outside the Library lies one of the most picturesque places on campus. The Reflection Pond is best known for the annual homecoming Spirit Splash tradition, but when students are not charging the water every fall, it makes for a calming place to study. 

At any time of the day, you can find many sitting in the grass around the Pond studying or relaxing. This is also a great spot to take a break from studying in the library and get some fresh air. 

All Knight Study 

All Knight Study has spaces on each side of campus in Ferrell Commons and at the CFE Arena. They have large and small study rooms available for groups and other quiet spaces for studying. 

AKS is open 24 hours a day Monday-Friday at each location and they also have weekend hours. They also offer free printing and if you are rushing to your next exam, they give out free scantrons. 

Student Union 

The Student Union is a busy place and it is not necessarily for everyone when it comes to ideal studying locales. Still, there are plenty of tables and quieter places throughout the Union where people enjoy congregating to get ready for their next test. 

During finals week, the Student Union typically stays open 24 hours a day. There are a variety of resources that can aid the studying process, including the first-floor SGA Express Print Lab, second-floor SGA Computer Lab and third-floor study room. 

Burnett Honors College Meditation Garden

The Burnett Honors College Meditation Garden is one of UCF's hidden gems. This tranquil garden has bushes and trees that create a hidden oasis just steps from the Union and the Honors College. 

There are plenty of benches along this small trail to sit down and hit the books. The garden also has a Koi pond that provides a nice diversion from studying when you need a break.

Off-Campus Study Spots 

Starbucks UCF

There is a large Starbucks near Memory Mall, but there is also a close off-campus location across the street. Get your favorite drink and settle in to study while sitting either inside or outside. 

This is not the largest coffee shop, so make sure you get there at a good time to mark out your territory. Like other Starbucks, this store has free Wi-Fi and it is open until 10 p.m. during the week and 9:30 p.m. on the weekend. 

Panera Bread

The closest Panera Bread is just down University Boulevard from UCF's main entrance. There is always plenty of table space as well as a quiet atmosphere that makes these sandwich shops a perfect place to study. 

Panera has a variety of sandwiches, soups, and salads that are good for any time of day. They have free Wi-Fi and are open until 9:30 p.m. Monday-Saturday and until 8:30 p.m. on Sunday. 

Alafaya Branch Public Library

If there is just too much going on on campus or if you live in one of the many apartments down Colonial Drive or closer to Waterford Lakes, a study trip to the Alafaya Branch Public Library may be just what the doctor ordered. There are plenty of outlets to plug in your devices or computers to do research on. 

For a nominal fee, you can also use their print station. The only catch is that using any of these services requires an Orange County library card, but you can quickly sign up for one with a driver's license or piece of mail that shows proof of a county address. 

Vespr Coffeebar  

Vespr Coffeebar is a favorite for people looking for a place to study near the Waterford Lakes Town Center. They create an inviting atmosphere with free Wi-Fi and comfortable couches and tables 

Vespr also offers up an exciting menu of single origin coffees and fair-trade teas. They are open daily from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m., which provides ample opportunity to get some studying time in. 

Apartments Near UCF 

Several area apartment buildings have their own study rooms. You might not even know that your complex has one, but they can be excellent, convenient resources to take advantage of. 

These rooms are quiet spots that can be the place you need to get focused. They are often big enough to accommodate groups as well, so you can invite study buddies over and never have to move more than a few steps from your apartment. 

Hopefully, this list gives you a headstart on finding that perfect place to study at in Orlando. Give one of these spots a try and ace your next exam! 

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