Back in December, Universal Studios announced that it would be closing its longstanding JAWS attraction to "make room for an exciting new attraction", according to the Universal Studios Officials.

JAWS will be be a construction zone for the next year to make room for the new attraction.  While this specific attraction hasn't been announced yet, Universal has unveiled a number of other new and upgraded attractions to make a JAWS-less trip to Universal still worth it.

The Amazing Adventures of Spiderman ride at Universal's Islands of Adventure is getting a complete face lift complete with new special effects synchronized with a new reanimated 3-D film in the newest 4K HD resolution.

There will also be a new 3-D interactive Despicable Me attraction complete with thousands of the film's yellow, goggled minions that will take place on the soundstage that once housed the Jimmy Neutron attraction.

In addition, Universal will host a fireworks and lights show over the park lagoon that celebrates a century of Hollywood movie making.  The show will be narrated by Morgan Freeman and show classic movie clips on 100-foot tall fountains.

Finally, Universal will host a new staging of the Blue Man Group show.  This show requires an separate ticket and will open in February.

Universal hasn't announced what will take the place of the JAWS attraction.  We'll keep you posted when the announcement arrives.