If you dream of living in the sunny state of Florida, Orlando is a great city where you can enjoy an excellent quality of life. From its exciting theme parks to its solid infrastructure, this city has many fantastic things to offer.

Another reason to move to Orlando is the city’s thriving housing market. Since 2012, the city has experienced a drastic rise in home values, which has created a very hot housing market.

Everything from large family homes to cozy condominiums and other smaller abodes can be found for sale. Effective Agents has some of the best realtors® in Orlando on staff who can help you find the right home at a price that you can afford.

Orlando also features some of the coolest neighborhoods that you’ll find in Florida. Many of these neighborhoods feature trendy shops, restaurants, and nightlife venues that are perfect for people who want to live near the action. Here are a few of Orlando’s coolest neighborhoods:

Park Lake Highland

Located just northeast of Orlando’s city center, this neighborhood features an urban trail that winds past a series of lakes and is a popular location for joggers and bikers.

Spectacular views of the Orlando city skyline can also be seen from this neighborhood. Indie shops, trendy restaurants, and great hangout bars also make Park Lake Highland a special place to call home.

Wall Street Plaza

This Orlando hot spot for nightlife features many great homes in the vicinity that are ideal for the younger crowd. Bars and nightclubs throughout the district offer plenty of opportunities for drinking, dancing, and socializing. During the daytime, you can stop by any of the local diners for a cup of coffee and satisfying meal.

Delaney Park

A growing number of young professionals have purchased homes in Delaney Park and given the neighborhood a hip, urban feel. Coffee shops and parks are where many neighborhood residents go to unwind and recharge.

The progressive, liberal atmosphere of the neighborhood is another draw for many young people, and a top-selling realtor® can help you find a home here if Delaney Park seems like a good fit for you.

Thornton Park

Many young professionals who have an appreciation for classic homes have moved into the early-19th-century bungalow-style abodes in this neighborhood. Indie boutiques and other trendy shops also enhance the neighborhood’s appeal.

If you choose to live here, you’ll be able to check out the works that are on display during the monthly art walk. You can also rent a swan boat and pedal around the Lake Eola Fountain if you want to try a unique way of exercising.

Living in one of Orlando’s coolest neighborhoods is sure to give you a greater appreciation of the city. The realtors who work for Effective Agents are highly knowledgeable of the local housing market and will work hard to secure the best deal for you on a new home. Find the perfect realtor® by getting in touch with Effective Agents today.

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Cover photo courtesy of Unsplash