If you’ve decided to sell your home and you’re trying to figure out how to make that happen when there is clutter everywhere, rest assured that there’s hope. It’s a dilemma that many homeowners face. While it’s perfectly fine to have a home that looks lived in, selling your home requires you to take it up a notch. Although prospective homebuyers understand that the furniture is not part of the home, it’s definitely a way to help them visualize life in that environment. Staging can reduce the amount of time it takes to sell your home and possibly increase the final sale price. 

Staging your home primarily involves getting it ready for the camera and prospective buyers by making any necessary changes - and there’s no doubt that home staging is valuable. Sometimes homeowners rent furniture so that the home is more attractive. In fact, some of the best realtors in St. Cloud use expert home stagers to achieve an optimal appearance. You can strengthen your home staging skills with the tips below. 

Clearing Away Your Possessions 

Staging almost always requires thoroughly cleaning your home and getting rid of any clutter. It’s more than the kind of straightening up that you do when a friend or family member visits. It’s more like pretending your home is a five-star luxury hotel and you want to impress your guests who have paid a significant amount of money for a quality room. In fact, it’s a lot like becoming a minimalist who prefers chic interior design. You’ll need to remove your clothing from the closets and minimize the number of books that you have on the shelf. 

Rearranging Your Furniture 

You may need to rearrange your furniture in order to better showcase an area of your home. While the way you currently have your furniture arranged might work well for you and your family, moving things around a bit can open up the room and give the appearance of more space. You might even want to place some of the furniture in storage if it’s something that detracts from the overall appearance. Some of the best realtors in St. Cloud recommend using the furniture of professional stagers in order to more quickly sell your home. 

Adding a Few Accessories 

To boost the appeal of your home, you can use accessories to pull it all together. For instance, you can purchase affordable throw pillows, candles, towels, baskets, and artwork in order to create a chic look that makes the house feel more like home. You’ll be amazed by the difference a few tweaks can make. 

Improving the Curb Appeal 

In order to impress prospective homebuyers from the moment they drive up to your property, you’ll want to optimize the curb appeal by taking care of your lawn. By mowing the grass, pulling weeds and raking leaves, you’re more likely to get a thumbs up and a great offer. Another way to make the outside of your home pop is by painting the front door, which can usually be done for less than $80.

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Cover photo courtesy of Pixabay