Just 20 miles from Orlando, one of America’s premier vacation destinations, lays the pristine community of Oviedo. The town has managed to steadily grow while maintaining a cozy hometown feel.

Oviedo’s historic downtown streets feel like a step back in time. The area is a Southern gem nestled alongside the shores of sparkling Lake Jesup. The rapidly-growing housing market makes it an ideal location to buy a new home.

Similarly, sellers will find that the top real estate agents in Oviedo will gladly work hard to gain their business. When looking for the perfect real estate agent, there are fpur specific steps to make sure you've found a true partner in the process. 

Do Some Digital Digging 

The internet has opened the door of real estate wide open. Much of what you need to know about an agent’s experience and volume of home listings can be easily found online. Prior to meeting with an agent, take a decent chunk of time to do online research.

An agent who specializes in selling homes should have multiple home listings, yet not so many that you will likely end up working with one of their staff members instead of directly with the agent. Home buyers should look for online testimonials from past buyers and any accolades that agent may have received. 

Carve Out Your Ideal Location(s) 

Think of the internet as your one-stop shop to do all your preliminary digging on agents in Oviedo. Whether you're looking to buy a home or sell your current home, most agents tend to have a few specific neighborhoods or sections of town they focus on.

While you don’t want to stop your home search at a specific street, you should have a general idea of the areas you'd like to live in. You can easily see which agents are active in these neighborhoods by viewing signage in the lawns of the homes for sale. When meeting with potential real estate agents, attempt to gauge their familiarity with these neighborhoods. 

Set up a Preliminary Face-to-Face 

Preliminary is the key word here. A real estate agent will be your partner during a process that will span several months. A preliminary meeting over coffee or at your home will provide you with the opportunity to get a feel for each agent’s personal approach to helping their clients buy a new home or sell their current home. 

Don’t be afraid to sit back at first and assess how the agent presents themselves to you. The top real estate agents in Oviedo will always come ready with some initial research and will be prepared with questions for you about your needs and goals. 

Remember You’re Searching for a Realtor, Not a New Friend 

Think of the search for a real estate agent like the search for a new employee for your family business. It’s often easy to meet a potential agent and find that the two of you hit it off well. Don’t let a good rapport keep you from focusing on what really matters. You're looking for someone who's reliable, knowledgeable, skilled, organized, and a great communicator.

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Cover photo courtesy of Unsplash