If you live in Central Florida and have ever wanted to take a stand against bullying, the local advocacy organization called Amrak has got you covered. This Orlando-based organization rallies against bullying and on April 13th will offer you a great way to support the cause with the launch of the new Amrak sneaker.

The sleek new sneaker is a collaboration between Amrak founder Sean Roberts and David Gonzales. The Amrak logo is featured on the tongue of the shoe as well as on the inside and bottom of the sneaker. This great grey and white shoe will run you $69.99. Those who aren't looking for new kicks but want to help the cause can always purchase a pair of Amrak shoes for a child in need. Want to step in and help Amrak more? Opt for an entire antibully outfit! For $150.00 find yourself with a branded sweatshirt, shoes, and shorts. 

3.2 million children in the United States are negatively impacted by bullying across the US each year, and Amrak hopes to change that. The child-centric organization offers children opportunities to shine in a spotlight by including them in films, music videos, and other esteem-building opportunities. 

The shoe launch will take place at the  Winter Park Community Center on April 13th from 9AM to 5PM. The launch will also feature the organization's new phone battery charger. To learn more about the origin story of Amrak check out our Orlando Local Creates Anti Bullying Organization story.