Sean Roberts is an Orlando local. He's also the CEO & Creator Amrak, an anti-bullying organization. This non-profit was motivated by an instance of bullying in Roberts' professional life and has since grown into an acclaimed advocacy organization focused on inspiring kids who have been and are being impacted by bullying.

One of the primary functions of Amrak is to involve youth who have been bullied in film projects and music videos. The Amrak projects are designed to boost kids' self-esteem and give them the opportunity to showcase their talents. "Bullying prepares you for greatness," says Roberts. He points out that most successful people have experienced this adversity and encourages kids to use their bullying experiences as fuel for success.

Orlando Based Anti-Bullying Organization Shines Spotlight On Self Esteem Building Projects

Roberts used his bullying experiences as fuel to create Amrak, which started as a film project. Roberts decided to create the short film after interactions with a bully in the entertainment industry. Amrak is karma spelled backward and the film features children who were bullied. The film took two years to produce and has since received significant media attention. Roberts and Amrak have been featured in 11 magazines as well as on the radio and TV. It was showcased on the big screen at  Universal Studio's AMC movie theatre and received the Action Award at the Orlando Urban Film Festival. 

In the 3 years since Amrak was founded, Roberts has been busy. He can often be found public speaking as an anti-bullying advocate. He has also developed Amrak wristbands, shirts, anti-bullying sneakers, and an app. The free app features a 1-800 number that links you to someone who can speak to you about your situation. It is also a video platform that allows people to upload videos about their experiences.

For more information on this great Orlando organization visit their website: Amrak Anti Bullying or check out their facebook page