When we think of our best summers, many Floridians will relive warm and breezy nights on the beach or long days at a waterpark. A lucky few, however, will recall their time at some kind of overnight summer camp. Those places where young minds could relish in relative independence from certain omnipotent entities in their lives. Those places that encouraged -- even forced -- many to come out of their shell just enough to create lasting memories, if not friends. 

How could we forget the bittersweet goodbyes to parents, over-enthusiastic camp counselors, a collage of kids from every kind of background you could imagine yet all sharing the same possibility of friendship (except that one kid with the flat buzz-cut). The non-competitive competitive tournaments held between groups of campers, the ensuing rivalries of passion and eventual hard-fought loss or euphoric victory. Secret crushes that only your bunkmates knew about -- until it wasn’t just them. 

These are the experiences the camp-goers carry with us long after our time at camp came to an equally bittersweet end as its beginning, and which we crave to relive, just one more time. Except this time, there won't be any camp counselors getting in the way of the fun.

Camp No Counselors seek to live up to this standard, however improbable that may sound. Camp No Counselors (CNC) wants to create a summer camp just like the days of yore, just with a few updates. As you could have guessed, no “counselors”  will be present to schedule your day for you and  or to make sure you're in bed before 9 p.m. 

The 2020 Florida Summer Kick-Off Camp running from March 12 - 15 will be a packed three-day schedule comprised of various sports activities, necklace-making, and other crafts workshops, hiking, and, of course, the signature CNC Olympic Color Wars. It should also be mentioned that this is, in fact, an adult summer camp, so naturally, there will be an open bar and happy hour each day of camp. Camp No Counselors is the perfect weekend trip to let out that build-up of energy that’s been accumulating each minute that passes sitting in an office or on a couch.

Registration for the 2020 Summer Kick-Off Camp is available on the CNC website and tickets are all-inclusive for the event. Transportation, food, lodging, drinks, and all activities are included in the ticket price as well as so much more. Reach out to massi@campnocounselors.com to receive an exclusive 407 discount code! 

Do yourself a favor and live to experience as much as you can. 

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Cover photo courtesy of Camp No Counselors Facebook