Florida’s abundant theme parks draw millions of tourists and thrill-seekers each year with their rip-roaring rides, especially their roller coasters. Everybody has their favorites, but which ones are truly the best? Just in time for National Roller Coaster Day, we’ve narrowed them down on our list of the top 15 roller coasters in Florida guaranteed to induce an adrenaline rush even in the most seasoned enthusiasts.

Orlando Theme Park Roller Coasters

Whether you live in the Orlando area or are looking for new attractions in Orlando to experience while on vacation, you'll definitely find yourself raising up hands and screaming on these Orlando roller coasters.

Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster Starring Aerosmith

This dark indoor roller coaster at Disney's | Hollywood Studios takes you on a wild limo ride with fast launches, big drops, and twisted loops while blasting Aerosmith tunes. Rock on!

Space Mountain

You’ll find yourself in the dark once again while blasting through the galaxy at “warp speeds” on Space Mountain. Running since 1975, it’s not only the oldest roller coaster in Disney's Magic Kingdom but also in the state of Florida.

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Expedition Everest

At Disney's | Animal Kingdom, Expedition Everest takes you on a speeding train ride in and through the Himalayan mountains. Brace yourself to race backward from “broken tracks,” and keep an eye out for the Abominable Snowman!

Kraken Unleashed

Orlando’s only floorless roller coaster, Kraken Unleashed at SeaWorld | Orlando is a beast of a ride, whipping you through a 128-foot loop and seven inversions at 150 mph while your feet dangle in the air.

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Catch a ride on the underbelly of manta ray at SeaWorld and experience the only flying coaster of its kind in Florida as you dive head-first into a thrilling track at over 55 mph. 


Mako is Orlando’s tallest, fastest, and longest roller coaster, so you’ll want to visit SeaWorld and brave this one if you’re a true roller coaster fan! 

The Incredible Hulk Coaster

At Universal's Islands of Adventure | Orlando, The Incredible Hulk Coaster packs the punch you’d expect as this green launch coaster shoots you up 150 feet and through seven inversion loops and seven trenches at 67 mph.

Photo Provided By Universal Orlando Resorts Media

Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit

Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit at Universal Studios | Orlando is unique in several ways. Not only does it climb up 17 stories at a 90-degree angle and hold the record for the world’s first non-inverting loop, but you can also choose the song you want to listen to on this 65 mph ride!

Revenge of the Mummy

Based on the movie of the same name, Universal Studios’ Revenge of the Mummy is an indoor roller coaster that takes you through fast turns, big drops, and even fire as you flee from the evil mummy Imhotep.

White Lightning

At family-owned Fun Spot America, White Lightning is Orlando’s only wooden roller coaster, taking you on a ride back in time with old-school thrills.

Tampa Theme Park Roller Coasters

Even with its many theme parks, Orlando doesn't have the only claim on Florida's best roller coasters. Busch Gardens in Tampa has several that are just as big and bad!


The first dive coaster to be constructed in North America, Busch Gardens SheiKra carries you up 200 feet and pauses… then you drop face-down at 90-degree angle going 70 miles an hour. Now that’s a freefall!


Kumba is Busch Gardens’ oldest roller coaster and gets its name from the territorial roar of the lion, which you’ll definitely hear as you zoom through this steel roller coaster.


With seven inversions, including a unique batwing one, Montu at Busch Gardens was the first roller coaster in the world to use an Immelmann loop (a simultaneous loop and roll). Needless to say, this ride is pretty twisted!

Cheetah Hunt

Hold on to your hats because Cheetah Hunt at Busch Gardens goes from zero to 60 mph in just seconds! This launch roller coaster accelerates right from the start and races you through the Serengeti as fast as a cheetah.


One of three of its kind left, Scorpion at Busch Gardens is a small but thrilling roller coaster with plenty of twists and turns as well as a 360-degree vertical loop.

Next time you’re at a major theme park, try out all the roller coasters mentioned in our list of the top 15 roller coasters in Florida. We dare you!

Let us know which of these Florida roller coasters are your favorite(s) in the comments section below. If we missed yours, tell us about that one, too!

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