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Orlando Mobile Mechanic & Auto Repair

5 Rating  

The best mobile mechanic service in the entire Orlando area!

Pros: They come to you and are super affordable.

Cons: Can't think of any

Grills Lakeside Seafood Deck & Tiki Bar

1 Rating  

Save yourself money. I ate here before, and the food is overpriced and isn't so great. Their seafood is tough and overcooked. The service isn't any better. My table was neglected fairly often, in favor of Caucasian families (I'm a Black woman). I found out recently that they're not only racist here, but also homophobic. So, I figured I'd drop in my two cents as well.

Cons: Management is homophobic Service is racist

Dopetrackz Radio

5 Rating  

Best radio station ever


1 Rating  

My sister was DRUGGED while visiting the bar with her friends. Instead of helping my sister and reporting what happened to a manager, the red-headed bartender blamed my sister and refused to help. I called the manager on duty and he said he would give the report to his boss and they would call me back. After a week and a half of no response, I called back and the manager was very disrespectful. He refused to help and said, "It happens." Very unimpressed with their customer service and lack of help with my sister being drugged in their bar.

Pros: None

Cons: They do nothing if you are DRUGGED.

Anonymous User

All Cool Heat Plumbing & General Contractor Inc.

5 Rating  

Best service our home have a water leak and call around and found this company who fix our water leak and help us to with all the repair of drywall - Floor and Home damages

City of Apopka | News, Events, & Info

0 Rating  

I wasn't sure where to put this out at but, Ladies please be careful around the downtown South Apopka area. Make sure your doors are locked and if possible have someone with you if you have to go in that area for anything. There was a male that walked up to the side of my car by my passenger door facing my car.( I was waiting for my food that I ordered from the Chinese Restaurant) There was no reason for him to be that close to my car. Also, he just stood there which made it even more weird. Especially with so much available, clear and open sidewalk. I'm not sure what was going on but, it didn't feel right. Maybe it was nothing but, I still feel uncomfortable about it while typing this. People are desperate. Please Be Careful. Lock your doors and keep valuables out of sight. Be Vigilant and Always aware of Your Surroundings. If you don't have to be out; stay home.

Anonymous User


1 Rating  

HEALTH AND WEALTH WARNING On Thursday 13th October 2022, we had / nearly had lunch at this JOKE of an establishment. Our Male waiter was away with the fairies in cloud cuckoo land He was trying to train a female waiter So, let’s start We ordered 2 bottles of beer while we looked over the menu I chose the stuffed mushrooms, and my son chose the Cesar salad both were starters We picked a bottle of white wine, which the waiter couldn’t get the cork out, he thought it was a screw top, he asked another employee for ONE OF THOSE THINGS TO GET CORKS OUT. It was clear he had no idea, he then brought 2 champagne glasses for the wine, again another employee intervened, and we got 2 wine glasses. The Cesar salad a simple starter to make arrived covered in salt, the Atlantic Ocean has less salt in it than the salad. We politely complained and a second salad was brought out. On looking round the restaurant we noticed every table complaining over one thing are another, and they were all sending plates full of food back to the kitchen. We paid our bill and left we did not leave any tip; we also told the trainee waiters that the place was a JOKE likewise we also told



Cantina | Wall Street

5 Rating  

Best Mexican food place in Orlando! Will definitely visit again.

Fat One's Hot Dogs And Italian Ice

5 Rating  

Fat One's Hot Dogs And Italian Ice barbecue restaurant in Orlando gives extraordinary service and yummy meals.

EVE Orlando

5 Rating  

Nothing but first-rate service from the door to the dance floor. Excellent music and an upscale atmosphere. This bar in Orlando is one of the best!

The Great Greek Mediterranean Grill Lake Nona

5 Rating  

So happy to have The Great Greek in Lake Nona! The staff is super friendly and the food is really good. Fresh meats and toppings at good prices. The feta fries are also to die for!!

Pros: Friendly employees, good food, great bang for the buck, and more food variety for our area!

Cons: None

Keva Holdings, LLC

1 Rating  

I found keva through bark when I first started my business. I did not know the ends and outs of business anything. So I hired keva. In March of 2021. I was so excited things where happing and so I didn’t see all the errors. As the months went on I learned and learned a lot from what the jobs I hired people for. When it came all right down to it keva hires cheap labor for the Philippines. Nothing wrong with that but the people on my team where all trash. Raz there so called seo was supposed to do seo work through wix. This lady did her own thing and never did that work. The graphics guy named jt ever listens he posted things with out permission, posted things late which caused me to have late release dates on my products. The seo never raz never but they all took the money. Once I became aware of how things really should work which took me some months I learned that all of my seo is supposed to be done through wix because wix is integrated with google and other search engines. She did her own thing by making some google page and calling that seo. The web people that made the site were not terrible but they where not good either. So when it comes to the owners Milan and Teresa. I t

Pros: None

Cons: They hire cheap labor from Philippines who do not know what they are Doing. They will take your money

Quest National Services

5 Rating  

Adam Nager and the Quest National Services promised to help me and my practice when I needed a new billing service after my previous billing services shut down. They kept their word with personal, caring interest and were very communicative with me and with my staff. The transfer to Quest was seamless. Until I retired, their availability was impeccable. They are very adept and are at the highest professional level. To any health care provider looking for a new billing service, Quest will be a great associate.

Pros: Extremely knowledgeable

Gods & Monsters

5 Rating  

New collection of toys and manga every visit. Always finding new Bandai, Figuarts, plamodel and D&D minis. Lots of mainstream and indie graphic novels. People that work there are easygoing and knowledgeable. And there's a bar.

Pros: Best selection of collectibles, cool bar, good people.

Cons: I can't afford everything I want.

Nona Social

1 Rating  

After coming to Nona Social for almost a year now, and enjoying good food and great service. I had an experience today that will turn me away forever. Upon entering with my service dog I was refused service and told that they “do not allow dogs”. The bartender continued to refuse service even after I had told her that it goes against ADA guidelines to refuse service to a guest with a service dog. I will not be returning here again and am sad to of had such an awful experience. Over all a horrible experience and horrible interaction with an employee whom should no longer work there

Pros: I never have to go again

Cons: The employees are rude and horrible

Resort Owner Service

5 Rating  

Stay at a Wyndham from this company.

Pros: Found Nice Resort

Cons: Couldn't get the date we really wanted because it was no availability. But still found nice resort.

Scream n' Stream

5 Rating  

Very fun experience, like laser tag but shooting zombies and clowns without ever leaving your car!

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