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Marc Reviews on GameTime 5 months ago


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On a Sunday, I took my four year old here after he earned it. We make it to the station where you recharge your card, and only then were we informed that "everything was down". No one apologized. I asked why they even let us in, why its unlocked, as they may be "open", but they got his hopes up all the way TO the machines. He's been heartbroken since because it was his favorite place on earth (he loves Wreck It Ralph, etc). By the Wednesday afterwards. No apologies have come from corporate. No offers to make it right. No suggestion on how this can be made better for the child who now makes me take an alternate route home from VPK so he doesn't have to see "the bullies" at Gametime. I entered with the intention of paying for his birthday party that day. The word from the lady in corporate about it all? Basically, she said that it's my job to get him to trust THEM again, and then, and I'm quoting "we promise the same level of service for your child as the previous visit."Uh... WHAT? No apologies, and a promise that it'll happen again? Avoid this place like the plague. They broke a kids heart, don't care, and are being smug about it. If that sounds like your idea of a good time?

Pros: Uh, it took four visits to find out that they hate kids, so... maybe if you only go once, they'll fool you too!

Cons: Literally everything.

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