Date Night in Orlando will never be the same. If your body has been craving something and you can't quite put your finger on it then it is time to let your taste buds experience Better Than Sex - A Dessert Restaurant in the beautiful Ivanhoe Village.  With a silky, sexy, sweet, and savage blend of delectable desserts, Better Than Sex - A Dessert Restaurant is an outside the box experience for Orlando date night or any night of the week when your sweet tooth is relentless. 

Have Your Dessert And Eat It Too With A Delectable Date Night In Orlando 

Whether you like it hot and steamy, or warm and smooth, they boast a full menu of indulgent desserts that put 50 Shades to shame! Better Than Sex has some of the Best Desserts in Orlando. Nestled in Ivanhoe Village, it is one of few dessert restaurants in Orlando

"Slip Inside" with real house-made chocolate slipped inside wine-based vodka, house-made Irish Cream, and coffee liquor. Pleasantly pair that with a "Cookie Nookie Pie", a warm pecan and chocolate chip cookie wrapped in a flaky pie crust with a side of vanilla bean ice cream topped with chocolate and caramel. Feel all of the sexy food appeal with some "Man Candy". Also, best news ever! No need for a Plan B after this"Morning After" pairing Danish brie, and dark Belgian chocolate grilled between homestyle buttered bread delectably laced with cinnamon and sugar served with a shot of champagne and strawberry soup. It's a new twist on a French kiss! 

Whether searching for a Girls night, Date Night, or perhaps pre-planning out your Valentine's Day Orlando, Better Than Sex has all the right delicious moves to get you in the mood! Reservations aren't required but highly recommended. What was once a love story between a husband and wife, is now your dinner table guilty pleasure!

Connect to Better Than Sex - A Dessert Restaurant and the Ivanhoe Village business pages and stay up to date on daily specials and events in Orlando. We highly recommend calling Better Than Sex - A Dessert Restaurant NOW and setting up your reservation for Valentine's Day in Orlando now.  Click here to make your reservation.

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