For those of us with a killer sweet tooth, it's hard enough not to indulge daily without feeling the guilt of gluttony rearing its ugly head.  The fact that Orlando hosts some of the most delectable shops, restaurants and bakeries filled with sweet and tempting treats doesn't make the struggle any less real. Here are a few of our favorite dessert spots in Orlando where we suggest you not only have dessert but eat it too. Enjoy! 

Jeremiah's Italian Ice

With over 20 locations in Orlando, Jeremiah's Italian Ice offers a menu that focuses on guest personalization. They offer 24 refreshing flavors of Italian Ice, but the real stars of the menu are our Gelatis and Flavorites. Gelatis are the perfect layering of any flavor (or flavors) of Italian Ice with rich and creamy Soft Ice Cream. Their Flavorites are the layering of Italian Ice, Soft Ice Cream, and decadent Layer-Ins (such as Oreo Cookie Crumbles and Mini Chocolate Chips). These layers of frozen treats provide the opportunity to develop a wide range of flavor profiles and they encourage our guests to experiment to find their own personal Flavorite!

Toothsome Chocolate Emporium

Toothsome Chocolate Emporium inside Universal Citywalk is the chocolate oasis you've been dreaming of.  Their full dessert menu offers every chocolate-infused, dipped, and whipped concoction you could dream up.  A fan favorite is their delectable milkshakes in Orlando.  With flavors like Chocolate X5, Bacon Brittle, Expresso Buzzzz, Red Velvet, and Key Lime Pie there is a preference for every pallet. 

Better Than Sex Orlando

Better Than Sex Dessert Restaurant in the Ivanhoe Village wants to release your inhibitions and capture your senses by providing the most romantic way to finish off your perfect evening.

Café D'Avignon

Committed to quality, the bakery uses top-of-the-line, carefully selected, and sourced ingredients to ensure the finest and boldest flavors possible with guaranteed freshness. Guests can indulge in a range of signature sweet and savory items including quiches, scones, tartines, croissants, breakfast sandwiches, cookies, and more.


P is for Pie

P is for Pie Bake Shop is a small-batch artisan bakery where everything is made from scratch by hand incorporating natural, seasonal, and local ingredients to every extent possible. 


Farris And Foster's Chocolate Factory

At Farris and Foster's, you become the chocolatier and make sweet memories while creating your chocolate confections. Host your next party here for a unique and fun experience or choose from a delicious array of sweet treats including caramel apples, cupcakes, and candies all made on-site. 

Valhalla Bakery

Valhalla Bakery is the brainchild of Celine Mariah Duvoisin. If you think Vegan and Dessert aren't synonymous with delicious, Celine will make you eat your words with one bite of her tempting confections and vegan desserts in Orlando. Well known for its vegan donuts, Valhalla Bakery has many tasty treats that would bring even those with the strongest of wills to their knees. 

Insomnia Cookies Downtown Orlando

This chain serves warm, delicious cookies, brownies, ice cream, and milk. Best of all, they're open until 3 am and you can have your order delivered!

The Pop Parlour

What's better than enjoying a craft popsicle on a hot day? At the Pop Parlour, all of their pops are hand-made with fresh ingredients and then flash-frozen, making them less icy than others. Order one of their boozy pops to add a little kick to your dessert.  

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