A delicious treat enjoyed by Egyptians, Spanish Conquistadors, Pioneers and Cowboys has really come a long way.  Jerky, the protein filled snack that allows you to consume meat anytime and anywhere has been transformed from a simple treat to a flavor packed meat marvel. If Jerky is included in your daily food pyramid than you probably made it to the grand opening of the the new mecca of meat: The Beef Jerky Outlet in Waterford Lakes last weekend.

Feeling A Little Jerky?  Head To The Beef Jerky Outlet

Owners Teri Corbett and husband Frank Murru celebrated the grand opening of The Beef Jerky Outlet located on 869 N. Alafaya Trail in Waterford Lakes on February 6th with friends, family and meat lovers galore. Things got heated during the Pepper Challenge as three brave souls took on some of the hottest peppers in the world. The winner, besides having a few less taste buds walked away with a $75 store credit. Think you can take the heat? The Pepper Challenge is an ongoing event. If you didn't make it to the official grand opening of The Beef Jerky Outlet, try not to feel like to much of a jerk. This meat market is worth a visit. With over 200 flavors of Jerky to choose from it's guaranteed that you'll find something to suit your palate.  

Have a beef with red meat? The Beef Jerky Outlet carries 30 themes of smoked meats including turkey and salmon.  Feeling a little adventurous?  Try the gator jerky or kangaroo for a little bit of a kick. The meat filled mecca also carries a plethora of smoked cheeses, preserves and pickled fruits and veggies to pair perfectly with your Jerky of choice. Get sauced with their display of delectable rubs and sauces to turn up the flavor on all your meat related meals. Want to know the way to a mans heart?  A Beef Box is the perfect gift.  Still haven't figured out what to get him for Valentine's Day?  The Beef Jerky Outlet has everything your man wants with this JERKY VALENTINES GIFT


Be sure to stop by, meet Terri and Frank and give this jerky treat a try!