Orlando's non-profit anti-bullying campaign Amrak will perform at this year's Thanksgiving for the Homeless. The 9th annual charity event in Orlando is focused on community outreach and provides homeless in the area with a Thanksgiving meal, clothes, and haircuts. This Saturday's event will also work to assist those in need of job placement, food stamps, housing, and more. The 2018 Orlando Thanksgiving for the Homeless will run from noon to 4pm on Saturday, November 17th. Last year's event brought out more than 350 volunteers to Downtown Orlando and fed over 1,000 people. 

This inspiring annual Thanksgiving event in Orlando is hosted by Miles Of Help Through Christ, a 501c3 non-profit organization that is dedicated to helping the poor through outreach, workshops, and programs. Alongside assisting the homeless, this year's event will also help spread Amrak's anti-bullying message.

Amrak is an acclaimed advocacy organization that focuses on inspiring kids who have been or are being impacted by bullying. This organization was founded by Orlando local Sean Roberts three years ago. The Amrak organization works to involve youth who have been bullied in film projects and music videos. The projects are intended to build up kids' self-esteem and allow them to showcase their talents. The Thanksgiving for the Homeless event will also offer a platform for the Amrak kids to showcase their talents.  

During Saturday's event, Amrak will be featured at Lake Eola Park's Walt Disney Amphitheater. Representatives will speak before they debut I Matter, a song written by founder Sean Roberts and sung by Josie Pantoja. There will also be another Amrak performer singing a piece called 50*2 a School Song.  

The 9th Annual Thanksgiving for the Homeless event is sure to an impactful afternoon of advocacy and welcomes volunteers of all ages. To volunteer for this event visit the volunteer event page. You can also just show up, enjoy the beautiful Fall weather at Lake Eola Park, and learn more about how to get involved with these to amazing Orlando non-profit organizations. 

For more information on AMRAK including ways to get involved and donate, check out their business page on 407area