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Kayin Reviews on Wild Florida 6 years ago
Kayin Reviews on Ace Cafe Orlando 6 years ago

Ace Cafe Orlando

5 Rating  

This place is great, theres always something going on so its the place to be.

Pros: The specials are great so there is plenty to drink. There is always an event going on

Cons: Plan ahead before you go

Kayin Reviews on The Porch 6 years ago

The Porch

5 Rating  

When I come here I know I'm going to have a good time, especially during the playoffs I have been enjoying the drinks and the food.

Pros: The food is great and the drinks cold!

Cons: Wish all the TV's has closed captions

Kayin Reviews on Stagger Inn | UCF 6 years ago

Stagger Inn | UCF

5 Rating  

Place is buzzing with college kids because its so close to UCF. Place is nice and cool, plenty of drinks and friendly atmosphere.

Pros: Guaranteed to have fun

Cons: No cons

Kayin Reviews on The Hammered Lamb 6 years ago

The Hammered Lamb

5 Rating  

I like going to the hammered lamb with a small group of friends to unwind. The have a great selection so the drinks are always good

Pros: The place is beautiful inside, i was amazed

Kayin Reviews on Graffiti Junktion | Church Street 6 years ago

Graffiti Junktion | Church Street

5 Rating  

This is one of the coolest spots to hang out at. the decorations are cool but the drinks are cooler.

Pros: The place is beautiful so i'm always taking pictures there

Cons: No cons

Kayin Reviews on Ember 6 years ago


5 Rating  

Ember is great I love how it has both a inside area and an outside area. It's right next to a parking lot so parking and walking is easy.

Pros: The food is great and the staff is friendly

Kayin commented on You Scream, I Scream, We All Scream For The Best Ice Cream In Orlando! 6 years ago
All these shops look good, cant wait for National Ice Cream month!!
Kayin Reviews on Christo's Cafe 6 years ago
Kayin Reviews on Adriatico Trattoria Italiana 6 years ago

Adriatico Trattoria Italiana

5 Rating  

Great Place to eat if you want a taste of little Italy.

Pros: The atmosphere is amazing, when i'm here the staff and atmosphere makes me feel like a star.

Kayin Reviews on Cheers | Altamonte 6 years ago

Cheers | Altamonte

5 Rating  

It's really spacious here, they hae plenty of games to play which is always fun with liquor involved. Music is great, drinks are cold its a great place to get some friends and hangout at,

Pros: Plenty of games to play, from darts to pool and much others I cant remember. They have specials every night so I can have fun while saving some pocket change.

Kayin Reviews on Habaneros | UCF 6 years ago

Habaneros | UCF

5 Rating  

With over 7 locations I eat here whenever I get a chance. The food is authentic and that says a lot nowadays.

Pros: With the freshness of the food I could really taste all the flavors.

Kayin Reviews on Shotski's Food and Drink 6 years ago

Shotski's Food and Drink

5 Rating  

This is one of the only places I can go and sing songs with my friends even if we are a little drunk. People are so friendly here the atmosphere is buzzing with good vibes

Pros: The music selection is varied so there's a song for everyone.

Kayin Reviews on Merks Bar & Grill 6 years ago

Merks Bar & Grill

5 Rating  

Very spacious, beautiful inside decorations. Fish was AMAZING, the menu variety was excellent.

Pros: The kitchen is always open so I can always have their food. The happy hour is great if you want to unwind this is the place to be.

Kayin Reviews on Break-Awayz at the Beach 6 years ago

Break-Awayz at the Beach

5 Rating  

Place looks amazing, staff was amazing and the food was mind blowingly good.

Pros: Good staff- I was a waiter so I always notice good or bad service. It is a definite plus that they have a great staff and they had great service.

Cons: none

Kayin Reviews on Omelet Bar 6 years ago

Omelet Bar

5 Rating  

Great location, great food, what more can i say

Pros: Taste great

Cons: Wish I could eat it all the time

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