One thing's for sure, brunch spots that are good are either hard to find or insanely busy on a bustling Sunday morning. One of the best brunch spots in Orlando, hands down is Santiago's Bodega. Here's a spotlight on Santiago's Bodega Sunday brunch in Orlando.

You might be wondering what makes Santiago's Bodega so special though? "Now, over a decade later, Santiago’s Bodega is the embodiment of Jason’s (founder of Santiago's Bodega) dream: a welcoming neighborhood restaurant where you can enjoy great food with family and friends who turn into family." You'll feel it as you walk around; admiring the stain-glass and dark-toned flooring the warmth but fisherman-like style after being inspired by "The Old Man and The Sea" by Ernest Hemingway. Santiago's Bodega is like something out of a dream and their food certainly doesn't fall short of this either.

Santiago's Bodega: The Best Bottomless Brunch In Orlando 

Santiago's Bodega - "more than a tapas restaurant" remains to reign true especially when it comes to their Sunday brunch. Their Sunday brunch should be called a Santiago's Spectacular for what it offers! From 10AM-3PM, dine on all you can eat options. Whether it's biscuits and sausage gravy to snow crab claws and calamari, croissant french toast or smoked salmon and cucumber, The locally loved restaurant in Orlando doesn't disappoint. Not to mention, they also have a dessert selection for afterward!

For all you can eat brunch, rates are $44.95 per person and $14.95 for 12 and under. If you can't make it to Santiago's Bodega in time for brunch, don't you worry. Their dinner menu is also incredible, serving up fantastic dishes such as "Pinchos Morunos" which consists of "skewered, spicy pork tenderloin and apple chutney" or the "Patatas Bravas" which are "fried potatoes with olives, capers, tomatoes, parmesan, and chipotle aioli." If you'd like to pair a cocktail or glass of wine with your brunch, you're more than welcome to do so. Santiago's Bodega also has a bar!


One of the best parts of Santiago's Bodega is that you can reserve a table on their website. Thank goodness the long days of waiting in an hour-long line just to get your hands on some bacon and eggs are OVER! You can now make a reservation at any of the three Santiago's Bodega locations whether it be the Orlando location or the one in Fort Myers and the other in Altamonte Springs!

If after your visit you want to take a little souvenir home with you to remind you of the spectacular brunch you had, they also have a gift shop with all sorts of goodies. This same shop will also become available online soon.

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