Ace Cafe was established in the UK in 1938 back when Rock and Roll was new and the leather clad teenagers who were influenced by classic tunes from American music greats like Gene Vincent, Eddie Cochran, Little Richard and Johnny Cash needed a place to hang out.  The iconic truck stop became a safe haven for rockers and cafe racers looking to listen to tunes on the first juke box in London and grab a late night bite. Years later the iconic venue holds a permanent place in history and is the only cafe of its kind still standing. 

Almost 80 years and 8 weeks later, the first Ace Cafe in the U.S.A stands just off Interstate 4 in Downtown Orlando. A prime kick back for motorcycle lovers, car enthusiasts, fans of live music and families alike Ace Cafe | Orlando on 100 W. Livingston has changed the face of Downtown Orlando with its roadside Gastro diner maintaining the classic culture of the original venue across the pond with a few upgrades. It's America, we like to super size everything. 

"Ace is a place that celebrates the passions of bikers, cars and Rock N' Roll.  The aspirations haven't changed, it's just on a larger scale. We're very proud of being the first Ace Cafe in the U.S.A.," says Steve Glum - Chief Marketing Officer of Ace Cafe North America. Ace celebrates a love of fast moving metal, a bit of noise and the smell of rubber. It should exist, it does exist and it's exciting.  We wrap that all up inside a gathering place - a restaurant, a bar, a concert hall, and a retail shopping experience."

Bikes, Cars, & Rock N Roll At The Ace Cafe Restaurant In Downtown Orlando 

A cultural phenomenon that has transcended the test of time Ace Cafe's iconic and authentic lifestyle brings something new to the city beautiful. If you're 8 or 80 there is something for everyone at the Ace. Family centric but not family focused step inside and take a walk around. Gaze at the eye candy of cool cars and bikes then take a look at their menu.  This isn't your average run of the mill greasy spoon.

"We felt it was very important to be in Downtown because we're a neighborhood location, a diner, and a hangout. We want to be a part of the community and culture of Downtown Orlando." - Steve Glum

Although inspired by the original diner in London the Ace Cafe restaurant in Orlando offers a full menu of hearty favorites like their Hog and Heifer burger topped with pulled pork. Short Rib Pot Pie, Bat Outta Hell Meatloaf wrapped in bacon and British staples like bangers and mash, Fish and Chips and Curry Chicken.  Looking for something a little lighter? Peruse their fresh side of the menu complete with fresh salads, flatbreads, and seafood.

Stop in every Sunday from 9am-2pm for Orlando's Boldest Brunch at the Ace Cafe | Orlando. All you can eat brunch buffet, bottomless mimosas and fully stocked bloody mary bar.  Need to caffeinate? The coffee bar inside Ace Cafe offers hot, cold or spiked coffee drinks and fresh gelato milkshakes all day. 

Ace Cafe coffee isn't your regular truck stop cup of joe. It's made from Julius Meinl, the oldest coffee roasters in Europe roasting from Vienna since 1862 giving you the perks of having a great tasting cup of coffee at Ace Cafe anytime. Dying for dessert? Their Gelato is delicious and is also spikeable if you'd prefer an adult version of your favorite frozen flavors. 

There is always something happening at the Ace Cafe Orlando! From Bike and Car meetups to Live Music on the weekends, the Orlando restaurant bar and music hall hosts 30 to 40 events a month making it a great place to stop in for a meal, see a show or bring a date. Check out their full calendar of events in Orlando including the Caribbean American Heritage Month Concert | Ace Cafe Orlando featuring Third World on Sunday, August 6th and the Sean Holcolm CD Release on August 12th. Ace Cafe has free parking so stop by anytime and check out the NEW and very first Ace Cafe in the U.S.A right here in Orlando, Florida.