As Easter approaches, many of us are getting ready for fun egg hunts, baking sessions, and sending Easter lilies to our loved ones. In addition to being exciting, all these festivities also carry deep cultural significance. 

The rich Christian history seeps into almost every Easter activity. If you wish to explore the most beautiful Easter traditions and include them in your Easter celebrations in Orlando, you’re at the right place. Let’s dig out the delightful Easter traditions and their profound meanings - 

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Easter’s Favorite Traditions and Their Meanings 

Egg Dying and Egg Hunt

Easter is incomplete until you grab some vibrant colors, dye a few eggs, and arrange an egg hunt. While the tradition highlights the color red to symbolize the blood of Jesus during the resurrection, you can get creative.

If you want to get Easter egg decoration supplies, visit Paper Goat Post at College Park, Orlando. You can also join Easter EGGstravaganza (Egg Hunt) and Family Fun Day on April 8 with your kids.

A Brunch Spread

Let’s talk food because Easter is incomplete without its classic and delicious brunch spread. Be it ham or lamb chops, deviled eggs, or carrots, devouring it with your friends and family enhances the spirit of Easter.

If you wish to step out, there are several brunch parties in Orlando. One of them is Easter Brunch at The Alfond Inn which will serve an exclusive Easter Menu by Chef David.

Easter Bunnies

You must have spotted the Easter bunny during or around Easter. These cute and cuddly bunnies are children’s favorite Easter staples. They relate to fertility and the renewal of life, and it’s what Easter is all about! 

If you wish to meet an adorable Easter bunny, visit Icon Park anytime between March 24 to April 08.

Hot Cross Buns

Festivities call for desserts, and Easter wins the trophy for the most delicious spiced, fruit-filled buns. Being a traditional Easter food with a cross on top, it represents Jesus' crucifixion. If you crave freshly-baked hot cross buns on Easter, Se7en Bites should be your stop.

Sunrise Service

Easter mass at sunrise is one of the most beloved Easter traditions in Orlando and elsewhere. It refers to the moment Jesus crossed from death to life and thus from darkness to light. 

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