Don your robes for a bewitching night in Downtown Orlando! The Wizard's World Pub Crawl is a Harry Potter-themed party that kicks off at 8:00 PM on September 14th. Visit the four Hogwarts houses and sip on signature concoctions with fellow witches and wizards. Tickets include four specialty drinks and your very own magic wand! No muggles will be admitted to this event. 

The crawl will begin at house Gryffindor SHOTS Orlando where patrons will check-in. House Gryffindor features a signature cocktail called Amortentia. At 9:15 PM the group will fly over to Ravenclaw's common room Chillers | Cahoots | Latitudes for a Hair of the 3 Headed Dog. By 10:30, you'll slither over to Slytherin Celine Orlando to sip on The Phoenix Feather. The final stop of the night will find you at house Hufflepuff Hooch | Wall Street for a Not Your Father's Butterbeer.

Drink tickets can be traded for any of these magical beverages, or for Coors Light, a Jager shot, or a call vodka cocktail. When your drink tickets have disappeared you can conjure yourself any of the special wizard cocktails for $4, $3 Coors Lights, $3 call vodkas, and $3 Jager shots. Just know that you MUST arrive at Elixir before 9:30 PM to guarantee admission.  

Speaking of guaranteed admission - we suggest you secure your tickets ASAP. Tickets will only run you $15 on or before September 5th. Between the 6th and September 14th, you can get your tickets for $20. The Wizard's World Pub Crawl will be $25 at the door. 

This event is put on by the sorcerors at Orlando Pub Crawl. This locally owned and operated company has put on parties in Central Florida for over 13 years. Orlando Pub Crawl hosts monthly pub crawls in Orlando and also provides special events throughout the year.

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