Some of us Orlandoans are daydreaming of being in New York City for this year's New York Fashion Week (NYFW), but in reality most of us are either stuck here because of a potential hurricane threat, enrolled in school, or work a 9-5 career so there's no way to simply take the entire week off. Well, I think your day is about to get a whole lot HAPPIER because at 8:00 p.m. on Saturday June, 15th some of the best Orlando hair salons, make up artists, fashion stylists, and photographers are teaming up to put on "Stylists Unite - Runway Fashion Show." This event promises to bring the art, glam, and fashion that Downtown Orlando has been MISSING!

Here's the real tea we have to spill...

Many and I mean NUMEROUS groups and organizations have tried (or possibly not tried hard enough) to start annual fashion weeks or fashion-ish events in Orlando, but in recent years we've seen that they have all completely dissipated. The perfect example is Park Avenue Fashion Week which was once held inside a massive white tent that made everyone feel like they were truly in Bryant Park during NYFW. It was also the best event to feel your Sex and the City fantasy. What ever happened to that?! Please fill us in because everyone's begging for Park Avenue Fashion Week to make its GRAND return. 

That last paragraph wasn't meant to discourage anyone from attending any fashion-related events in the city of Orlando because we've got a treat for you! TRUST ME, if there were to be a REAL fashion show that's the closest thing to NYFW, it's Stylists Unite's - Runway Fashion Show. They've created the perfect squad to combine all of their specific superpowers and love for fashion, hair, make up, and aesthetics. This is the night that all you Orlando fashionistas have been waiting for!

Lets get down to details...

Orlando's TOP hair salons: Atelier, Trend Studios, Educe, and Prive put business and competition aside to ultimately join their common love for beauty and fashion in order to give back to the less fortunate. The Stylists Unite - Runway Fashion Show is benefiting an organization called, Runway to Hope. Runway to Hope's mission statement- "Our mission statement is to provide direct support and aid to Central Florida children and their families impacted by pediatric cancer." If you love FASHION and HATE cancer just as much as I do, I'll see you there! 

So what should I expect?...

Did I mention that they shut down Downtown Orlando's Central Blvd? With us being Floridians lets just pray that the weather holds up because the models will be strutting down the old streets of Downtown Orlando. Rain or shine, it both sounds a bit hazardous for the models.

Follow all of these talented people who are making this event an absolute success: Hosted by the ONE and ONLY @NickyMonet, music by @DjChino, fashions by @FusedFashion, runway models from @ModernMuseModels.

With the purchase of your $20 ticket (21 years +) provides you with FREE entry to the official after party at Celine Night Club.