So it's the weekend and you and your friends are shuffling around Downtown Orlando for a night of pure debauchery when 3 of you suddenly realize that you forgot to eat. Right, that never happens. With the changing landscape of downtown combined with alcohol-induced amnesia, it is hard to remember which restaurants are serving food after hours. In search of late-night dining restaurants in Orlando serving food after hours. We got your back! Here's a list of restaurants open late in Downtown Orlando

Gringos Locos

If you are feeling a little Taco Tuesday-ish, head on over to Gringos Locos Tacos on Washington St is one of the few restaurants open after midnight in Downtown Orlando There you can find some local fave creations like the Double D's taco, or the OG Nachos to satisfy your craving. Open til 3am daily.

Tin & Taco

Orlando is known for its craft food movement and tacos are no exception. Enter Tin & Taco. Located on Washington on the other side of Orange Ave., grab your self a bourbon street taco and a beer. You can also opt for a taco bomb and a beverage from the craft soda machine to help sober up. Open late on the weekends. As far as carryout restaurants in Downtown Orlando go, this one is the Taco-BOMB! 

Graffiti Junktion | Church Street

If you are in search of more of a sit-down vibe, hit up Graffiti Junktion | Church Street. This American Burger Bar can satisfy all of your good old fashioned late night American food cravings. Order a burger and fries, some wings and a beer, a drink and some tater tots to share with friends, have a seat and people watch the Church Street Crowd. Open til 2a daily. 

Harry Buffalo | Downtown Orlando

Parking in downtown is such a pain. Sometimes it's better to wait it out. Might as well grab a beer and a bison burger, some boneless wings, and waffle fries with friends at  Harry Buffalo | Downtown .Orlando. Sometimes, you can catch a troubadour or two in action singing some late night blues. Open late weekends. 

Gitto's Pizza

Looking for some portable, on the go, street food?  Gitto's Pizza has some of the best pizza in Orlando and is one of the few restaurants serving food after hours.  Gitto's is located in the heart of Downtown Orlando right on Orange Ave., easily accessible and they offer limited inside upstairs seating as well. Open til 5am daily.

Cantina | Wall Street

So you might have over-drank just a tiny bit, so you can't make it very far. You need food and stat! Wander on over to Wall Street and grab some Tex-Mex style food loving to soak up all that alcohol, especially on a school night! Conveniently placed in the heart of downtown Orlando, Cantina | Wall Street has plenty of open seating, so feel free to take the squad. Kitchen open till 11pm. 

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