Nothing says Valentine's Day Orlando like the constant social media reminders that you are actually still very single. There's probably nothing wrong with you, I mean, no more than the usual! lol. Maybe you just haven't met your match! Don't spend this heavily promoted hallmark holiday alone. Whether you're available, it's complicated or you're taken mix and mingle this Valentine's Day in Orlando with your tribe on Church Street.  Romance and Wednesday night drink specials are in the air during the Valentine's Matchmaker Party - FREE Cover RSVP + $1 Drinks at  Chillers | Cahoots | Latitudes in Downtown Orlando.

Take a chance on romance On Church Street This Valentine's Day Orlando

There are a couple of advantages to spending your V-Day on at the three-tiered Orlando bars on Church Street. For starters, Valentines Day falls on a Wednesday this year, which is dollar drink night at Chillers, so you can totally do this Orlando date night without breaking the bank. You also get $3 Bud Lights and Pinnacle Vodka all night. This year, they have also taken initiative to help you find your match easier. Everyone walking in will get outfitted with a nifty colored wristband; green for "single", yellow for "it's complicated", and red for "taken" to help you easily identify any matchmaking pitfalls from the very beginning!  
Don't forget that you will have 3 bars to choose from, so you will find potential matches on every floor and plenty of dance space to bust out your sweet moves! Sure, online dating is cool, but there is nothing like that spark from a good old-fashioned conversation with a real present person. Ditch the dating apps for one night, and let Chiller's, Cahoots, and Latitudes, play matchmaker for the night!