Let's face it. Minimum wage in Florida is dangerously low and the cost of living is climbing higher and higher. It's getting to a point where locals can no longer afford to live in the city that we work in, let alone party and play. It is said that innovation is born from necessity, so we wanted to help you find and create new ways to be bougie on a budget in Winter Park. Winter Park is known for its fancy shops and lifestyle, old money, big houses, fancy schools, and ultimate lifestyle. While we can't increase your paycheck, we can help you live your best life without breaking the bank! Here's how to be bougie on a budget in Orlando.   


Winter Park Scenic Boat Tours

Ok, so this works for a family outing, a Sunday Funday with your girlfriends, or even a first date. Winter Park Scenic Boat Tours is a 1 hour guided tour that takes you through some of the fanciest parts of the chain of lakes in Winter Park, FL. Tours leave every hour on the hour from 10 am until 4 pm and always has a very knowledgeable tour guide who gives you cool little tidbits of Winter Park History. Take a tour of old money while saving new money. 

Admission: $14 Adults, $7 kids
Located in Winter Park 

*Photo courtesy of Winter Park Scenic Boat Tours 

Charles Hosmer Morse Museum of American Art

We have all heard the term diamonds are a girls' best friend. We also know that Tiffany & Co. is pretty much synonymous with high-class jewelry and diamonds. Many people forget that the founder, Louis Comfort Tiffany was also a divine glassmaker. One of the most prestigious collections of his beautiful works lie hidden right in the heart of Winter Park at the  Charles Hosmer Morse Museum of American Art. The Morse Museum houses the world's most comprehensive collection of works by Louis Comfort Tiffany (1848–1933), including the artist and designer's jewelry, pottery, paintings, art glass, leaded-glass works, and this amazing piece known as the Tiffany Chapel alter. Google is your best friend if you want to find out more about this amazing designer and make it sound like you are an expert in all of his works, as you rub elbows with fellow art connoisseurs. If you really want to budget, take advantage of their free Fridays til April entry deal! 

Tuesdays - Saturdays 9:30a-4p
Sundays: 1p-4p
Admission: $6 Adults, $5 Seniors, $1 Students with ID, Kids under 12 FREE

*Photo courtesy of Morse Museum

Winter Park Farmers Markets & Festivals

Winter Park Farmers' Market

The great thing about Central Florida is that you have options, depending on what side of town you want to hang on. The Winter Park Farmers' Market is held at an old train depot that has been restored into a historical landmark that hosts one of the oldest farmers markets in Central Florida. In fact, the venue is so gorgeous, several people use it as a wedding venue! In contrast to the Orlando Farmers Market that is busy, and go-go-go, this one has more of a strolling laid back feel. Must be all that old money walking around. (I kid!)

Unlike the pretentious times of the past, Winter Park has grown to become a more chill, and inclusive town. While you may not be able to afford the fancy shopping on Park Avenue that day, you will definitely be able to afford some great organic local produce, art, food, and beverages out here. Just wear cute clothes and comfy shoes and stroll along the venue and you will fit right in with the crowd. Take in local live entertainment, and perhaps pet some furbabies along the way. 

Located in Winter Park

*Photo courtesy of Winter Park Farmers Market

Happy Hours in Winter Park  

The Wine Room on Park Avenue

It's good to be a female in Orlando! I definitely can't lie about that. Ladies nights happen all over the city which allows us some extra financial play room. If you know Central Florida, you are aware that Park Avenue might just be the epitome of bougie in the city. If there is an unnecessary sparkly, expensive, fancy chatchkey to buy, you will find it there. It is also where you will find a blend of smart cars, Range Rovers, and Maseratis. So if you and your girls want to get down extra bougie style, hit up The Wine Room on Park Avenue It's a gorgeous combination of wine bar and wine shop. Thursday Nights are Ladies night. Load a wine card with $20, and they will match it. Wine sample prices range from cheap to way out of our price range, but I have found a couple $2 wines that were just as delish. Also, they feature apps and foods that are reasonably priced. I am personally a fan of the truffle mac-n-cheese fl;at bread. Girls night out, on a budget. 

Thursday Ladies Night
Located on Park Avenue in Winter Park
Buy $20, get $20 on wine card. 

*Photo courtesy of The Wine Room 

Boca | Winter Park

Farm-to-table is in these days. We all know fresh and organic foods and drinks usually mean a higher price point. Good thing we have some fabulous happy hours to match our fabulous palates! If you like light and fresh plates, seasonal, sustainable, local, open and inviting atmosphere, organic, markets, then you need to check out Boca | Winter Park. A light and refreshing vibe set the scene for what you usually believe will be a stab to the wallet. Boca has graciously allowed you to enjoy their food, drinks, and atmosphere for a fraction of what others charge on prestigious Park Avenue. Check out their Happy Hour Menu every weekday from 3p-6p for great drink and appetizer specials. Also, Girls Night Out is every Thursday from 5p-close with several $5 food and drink specials, and $3 wine and bubbly!

Daily Happy Hour 3p-6p, Thursday Girls Night Out 5p-Close
Park Avenue
Price ranges $3-$8

Sunday Brunch In Winter Park 

310 Restaurants

We Sunday Funday and we definitely brunch. It can be hard to see $30-$40 bucks just disappear from your bank account for some breakfast and bubbles. Innovation is born from necessity and sometimes we just have to be creative. While 310 doesn't boast the lowest cost menu on food, they do offer bottomless mimosa brunches on both Saturdays and Sundays. In theory, one could eat before, and still go drinking with their friends for a few hours. However, if you are like me, you will probably get hungry again. Should you encounter this problem, their kitchen is open so you can order something a la carte off of their main menu, if the brunch is a little too costly for you.  310 Restaurants has three locations; Downtown Orlando, Winter Park, and Lake Nona, which are all bougie neighborhoods so you might rub elbows with some fancy peeps. 

Saturdays and Sunday middays 
Located in Downtown Orlando, Winter Park, and Lake Nona
$15 bottomless mimosas

*Photo courtesy of 310 Restaurants 
With these bougie on a budget gems, you should be good to have a great time with nearly everyone on a very strict budget. Remember that you can combine items for a fun-filled day, for instance, going to brunch then the Farmer's Market. If you really want to go the extra mile, you need to look the part right? Pro-Tip: Don't forget that Sephora offers $15 mini-makeovers to help you get fancy for your fun times out. You're welcome! 
*Cover photo courtesy of 2 Broke Girls/CBS