From boy bands to Britney, flip phones, and trucker hats, the early 2000's was the start to a decade of fashion faux pas and technological advancements. Mickey mouse club kids turned into pop stars, phones weren't smart and Myspace top 8 could make or break your friendship. Orlando Pub Crawl is bringing it all back for one night only with their 2000's Pub Crawl on Saturday, June 8th.

2000-2009 gives you plenty of inspiration. Whether you're a genie in a bottle Christina with low rise jeans and crop tops or an Avril with Jnco jeans, neckties, and a skater girl attitude. Don't forget the outrageous amount of black eyeliner.  The beginning of the 2000's was also the rebirth of boy bands. Backstreet Boys, N'SYNC, 98 Degrees, take your pick and put together your best boy band member homage.  Dust off your old Von Dutch trucker hats and tight tanks for the best Orlando Pub Crawl of the new millennium.  


The 2000's Pub Crawl will start at 8pm at Casey's.  You'll be trippin from bar to bar listening to hits from the early 2000's including N'SYNC, BSB, Nelly, Britney, Ludacris, Eminem, and Kanye before he married a Kardashian. 

As always your ticket includes four free drinks throughout the night and $3 Coor's Light, $3 Call Vodka, and $3 Jager. Advanced tickets are just $10 but won't last long.  Pricing goes up to $15 on May 24. $20 at the door. 21+ only.