In an era when people have a stronger connection to their phone then they do with a live person the opportunity to truly get to know someone is often lost.  The moments of gathering around a dinner table and enjoying a made from scratch meal with friends and family are reserved for holidays and special occasions and lost to a generation of cell phone junkies. But all is not lost. Enter, The Dinner Party Project.  

Gather around a beautifully set table and enjoy the company of others while you dine on a decedent handcrafted menu. Reminiscent to a simpler time when stories were shared around the dinner table, the Dinner Party Project is inspired and has put a new spin on meeting new people with its unique model of social satire and culinary savoir-faire. 

Once you've signed up for the experience your name will be chosen at random to sit and dine with up to 7 strangers. The Dinner Party Project is a wonderful way to step outside your comfort zone, meet new people or spice up date night in Orlando.  You can also schedule a private party. 

Planning a holiday party in Orlando? This is a wonderful solution to spice up your soiree. Choose from three or five-course menu options complete with a handcrafted cocktail and decadent dessert.