Searching for a thrill this Summer in Orlando? Fun Spot AmericaOrlando's amusement and theme park on International Drive is bringing it way back with the debut of their NEW Wooden Roller Coaster on Friday, June 23rd.  Built and designed by Gravity Group the new Mine Blower Roller Coaster in Orlando has all the dips, spins and loops of a modern day coaster including a 115-degree bank turn proceeding a full barrel roll. This is the first and only wooden Roller Coaster to complete such a feet in North America. How can a wooden roller coaster handle such intense turns you ask? 

Fun Spot America Debuts Mine Blower Wooden Roller Coaster This Summer In Orlando 

The wooden roller coaster frame has been modernized allowing full range of motion without worry. Koery Kiepert of Gravity Group explains it better than we can. 

"The difference between a steel roller coaster and a wooden roller coaster has to do with the material that the track is primarily made up of. While it is common for steel roller coasters to have all sorts of loops and inversions, wooden roller coasters have historically not gone upside down. The Mine Blower features two locations where guests are flipped over. 

The inversions are made possible due to our revolutionary Timberliner trains. Timberliners are the only wooden coaster cars that have a steerable wheel system, allowing them to more closely follow the track shape as well as navigate twists and turns that are tighter than has traditionally been found on wooden roller coasters." - Koery Kiepert P.E. Gravity Group 

You must be at least 48" to ride the Mine Blower at Fun Spot in Orlando.  Here's a virtual look at the new roller coast from POV perspective.  

This new roller coaster should definitely make the list of things to do with the family in Orlando this Summer.  

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