Since 2012 the Florida Surf Film Festival has been invigorating surf culture and artistic appreciation with contemporary documentary films focused on surfing.  On Friday, November 17th the 11/17 - Orlando - Florida Surf Film Festival will be showcasing a few of their films at The Abbey in Downtown Orlando for your viewing pleasure. 

See The Surfing Inspired Entertainment Showcase At The Abbey In Thornton Park 

The premier entertainment venue in the Thornton Park District will showcase three of the films chosen for the 2017 Florida Surf Film Festival. 

  • 6:00PM: Nervous Laughter, Dan Norkunas, 69 min.
  • 7:30PM: Fishpeople – Keith Malloy, 49 min.
  • 9:00PM: Bunker 77 - Takuji Masuda, 90 min.

Sponsored by Monster Energy Drink the Florida Surf Film Festival in Orlando is a family-friendly event and a wonderful opportunity to educate and be inspired.  Tickets are $20 for Adults and just $5 for children under 11 years of age and include FREE giveaways at the door. 


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