The city of Orlando has made another Forbes list.  If you're planning on buying a house in Orlando this year or just want to invest in property we've got great news.  Forbes has ranked Orlando #1 for where to invest in housing in 2018.   

Buying A Home In Orlando Could Be Profitable Per Forbes

Forbes teamed with Local Market Monitor to generate a list of 20 markets showing growth in population, jobs, and housing prices. Orlando dominated with an average home price of $247,550, 3-year population growth of 7.6%, 2-year job growth of 7.1% and 1 year home price growth of 9%. The data also projected a 3-year price growth forecast of 35%. Jacksonville, Florida also made the list ranking #3 losing out to Provo Orem, Utah for the second place spot. 

While home value is not guaranteed the Orlando real estate market is most likely to provide you with a decent return on your investment.