Whether you're coming for Disney World, Islands of Adventure, or a heaping handful of other attractions, Orlando boasts a ton of different ways to get around town.  From bikes to busses, rental cars and more, Orlando's got it all.

If you're coming to Orlando by plane and landing at Orlando International Airport, there are a few ways you can get into town.

A hefty handful of car rental agencies are located in, or near (all have free shuttles from the airport), the airport and will get you the vehicle of your choice to travel around Orlando in.  If you don't want to depend on public transportation or taxis, this is your best bet.

Taxis will also pick up from the airport.  They can accomodate parties with up to nine people and will travel to virtually anywhere you want in the greater Orlando area.  Expect to pay about $12 to get to an airport hotel, $35 to get to Downtown Orlando, and about $60 to get to Walt Disney World.

Public transportation shuttle busses run from the airport and are cheaper than taxis.  Shuttle busses are great because you can purchase round trip tickets to a handful of destinations throughout Orlando.  Prices range from $15 round trips to $40 round trips.

Once you're where you want to be in Orlando, you can utilize the transportation methods listed above for getting around Orlando.  You can also use Lynx Orlando Transit, which is Orlando's public bus line.  Lynx offers bus services with routes to downtown, major attractions, and several neighborhoods.  One-way fare is $1.50, and a seven-day pass costs $12.

These are just a few options when it comes to getting around in Orlando.  Explore this great city with these transportation options today!