Of all the Disney theme parks in Orlando, Magic Kingdom holds a special place in many hearts due in part to the wildly fun and family-friendly atmosphere it's fostered for over 40 years now.

As the most visited theme park in the world (in 2011 alone, 17 million visited the park), Disney's Magic Kingdom caters to a variety of different ages and lifestyles with a huge assortment of rides, attractions, restaurants, shopping opportunities, and so much more.

If it's thrills you're seeking, Disney's Magic Kingdom can provide with a plethora of thrilling and ridiculously fun rides perfect for adults, kids, and adults who act like kids of all ages.  Head to the Magic Kingdom and you can blast off into a roller-coaster journey in the darkness of space on Space Mountain; wind through the bayou before a splash-filled 52 foot drop on Splash Mountain; shoot it out on Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin; get spooky in the Haunted Mansion; and so much more.

It's not just the rides that keep people coming back either.  Disney's Magic Kingdom plays host to a variety of Disney characters like Tinkerbell and Donald Duck that walk the park grounds eager to meet guests of all ages.  There are parades all throughout the year and more live shows - ranging from fun to educational, and oftentimes both - than you could imagine.

When the hunger or thirst hits, Disney's Magic Kingdom offers a wide range of dining options all throughout the park that cater to a variety of tastes.  Enjoy restaurants like Casey's Corner, Cool Ship, the Lunching Pad, and so many more.

Sound fun?  Start planning your trip today by visiting http://disneyworld.disney.go.com/parks/magic-kingdom.