It's a great time of year to think about selling your home in Sanford. Housing in Sanford is appealing because of its tropical beauty and the moderately comfortable, seasonal temperatures. And, as a seller, there are only a few more months before the warmer Florida weather usually sends you to cooler climates. Here are some tips if you are thinking about listing your home. 

Curb Appeal 
Take a step outside and get a panoramic view of your home from the sidewalk or road in front of it. How appealing does it look? Here are a few different things to take note of. 

Paint: How does it look? Sometimes, it can start to fade or peel, and you don't notice it until you really look, but the buyer will certainly be looking. 
Landscaping: Does your yard look tidy? Not only the lawn, but all of the shrubbery and plants should be neatly manicured and maintained. The same goes for any other decorations that may be a part of the landscaping. 
Light fixtures: You'll want to not only make sure that there aren't any burned out bulbs, but also take a good look at how the fixtures themselves look. A little spray cleaner and some elbow grease could make a world of difference. 
Driveway: Keeping it neatly edged and manicured will add to the overall curb appeal of your home. You also want to make sure that the surface is in good shape. Potentially major driveway repairs can scare away many buyers. 

Having different home inspections ready for potential buyers can be a very persuasive selling tool. You can have a basic home inspection or a more individualized one done for plumbing, electrical, HVAC, or other components. Knowing that a home will not need any major repairs makes it much more attractive to buyers. 

When you're looking for a realtor® in the area, you're looking for a someone with a proven track record of recorded home sales. If you don't know of any solid referrals and are looking for the best approach to find a realtor® in your area, there are some great online avenues where you can do a little research and find the best realtor® in Sanford that meets your needs. 

Interior Paint 
Unless the interior walls of your home are already pristine, and mostly painted in neutral colors, you might want to consider some paint. A fresh coat of paint will lighten and brighten, making it look much more attractive. And, neutral colors are more attractive to home buyers.  

Call it pre-packing, if you like. Your house will show much better if it has less clutter and personal items. Things like personal pictures, collectibles, and even some furniture could be removed, packed away, and stored. You're trying to give the house a more open feel where the buyers can envision their own possessions, instead of yours.

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