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Rose Isle

This is a beautiful area offering the best of downtown Orlando life while offering the safety of a residential neighborhood.

Just North of Harry P. Leu Gardens and situated between Lake Sue and Lake Rowena, Rose Isle is just secluded enough to remove its inhabitants from the hustle and bustle of downtown life while being a short drive, or bike ride, from hip downtown destinations.

Knowledgeable real estate agents can help those looking for the perfect place for their family to find it here in Rose Isle.

Rowena Gardens

Similarly located but just a bit south of Rose Isle, Rowena Gardens is in the thick of residential downtown life. Encompassing the Leu Gardens, the pace of life in Rowena Gardens is well suited to those looking for a life of leisure.

Want to start the day with a jog around the park, followed by brunch at the next chic hole-in-the-wall dining destination? Rowena Gardens has you covered. If drinks with your friends followed by movies in the park is your thing, you'll love it here.

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Audubon Park

Truly an area for up and coming professionals, Audubon Park is the place to be if you're young and want to be in a more hip area of town.

With its urban feel, coffee shops, bars, and more, the area offers more by the way of nightlife than it does for families, although the schools here remain highly rated. If you're looking to purchase real estate in an area that will likely experience growth, you'll want to look at purchasing a home in Audubon Park.

Baldwin Park

Located just far enough from downtown and more populated areas like Winter Park, Baldwin Park is the perfect quiet little getaway. This small neighborhood has residences, shops, restaurants and more, all tucked away in its small neighborhood.

Those living in Baldwin Park will likely find themselves without reason to leave, with all of the amenities they need to be brought so near to them. With street parking and restaurants within walking distance, you'll get the feeling that you're downtown without sacrificing a family feel.

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Cover photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons