With all this Russian probing going on in Washington, and all this heat going on in Florida; we had to do a little probing of our own and find the coolest places to quench that summer thirst here in Downtown Orlando. Enter Church Street Bars Vodka Fest '17! If you like great drink specials in Orlando, Vodka Fest will the only place to get unlimited samples of some of your favorite vodka drinks for just $15!

No seriously, you read that right. Try unlimited styles of new and old faves straight up, on the rocks, or make it a crafted cocktail with Pinnacle, Three Olives, or Smirnoff Vodka for once again, only 15 buckaroos. You also get three Downtown Orlando bars for the price of one Vodka Fest '17 ticket. Start out downstairs at Chillers and maybe pour an extra shot into your "Suicide" or "Rum Runner" frozen drink. Get in Cahoots and challenge your friends to a game of "vodka skee-ball" where loser takes more shots. Once you get your fix of fun, guide the crew upstairs to Latitudes and create a tiki inspired craft "winning" cocktail to match the rooftop bar ambiance.


Chillers Cahoots Latitudes Gets Crafty With Vodka Fest On Church Street 

If you like yours shaken, but not stirred, I am pretty sure one of the master bartenders can create a vodka concoction just for you. This vodka fantasy is going down from 6:30p-8:30p on Saturday, August 12th at 33 W. Church Street in downtown Orlando.

You have to be 21 and up to chill and spill! Drink specials in Orlando this low don't come around often. Tickets are only $15 dollars in advance, $20 if you procrastinate and wait until you get there to pay. Grab your friends, grab an Uber or Lyft, and get yourself down to church street bars and celebrate that loveable clear distilled spirit that has made nights we won't forget, and a few we'll never remember! 

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