Bottles will be popping as the countdown to a New Year comes and goes. Soon 2016 will be a faint memory as we roll into 2017 and getting home safe is the first New Years Resolution you need to keep.  Share riding apps like Uber and Lyft curb the dangerous desire to drink and drive but if the curse of surge rates are looming over your good time like a sad clown at a birthday party, consider this. 

Avoid The DUI And Opt For A Safe Ride In Orlando

Alcohol-related fatalities and DUI's are high in the state of Florida on a regular day due in part to our high number of tourists but during holiday's, the DUI and DWI incidence skyrocket.  The average cost of a DUI citation is around $500-$1000 for first-time offenders and up to $5000 for an accident causing serious injuries. That's not including the attorney fees and possible jail time. Unless you like the idea of starting your new year wearing an orange vest and picking up trash on the side of the road make sure you know what your options are when finding a safe ride in Orlando. 

Avoid The DUI And Opt For A Safe Ride In Orlando

Uber released a New Years Eve Ride Guide to help you find a detour to avoid the surge rates this weekend. The first option is to get out and start the party early so when the clock strikes twelve you can request your ride before the surge rates hit.  If you're the kind who likes to close the place down then another option would be to share the fare.

If you're a little old school you can always hit up the National Highway Traffic Safety Administrations Safe Ride and opt to GET A TAXI, CALL A FRIEND, or WHERE AM I for when you're seeing double.

AAA's Tow To Go Program gives you the option to have your car as well as yourself, delivered home safely.  The program is available to members and non-members during specific holidays.  Call: 855-286-9246

If by some chance you decide not to heed our warning or utilize this information resulting in a DUI or worse, our directory of Attorney's and Law Firms may be of use.